World of Warcraft Legion: Final Pre Patch Quest Now Available

The last pre-Legion quest for World of Warcraft is available, check this article for full details!

Earlier in the day in World of Warcraft, anyone who went through the portal to the new Dalaran over Karazhan was met with a nasty surprise. Dalaran was no longer there and players would fall all the way to the ground below.

Luckily, that has been fixed. Dalaran is back -- and so is the final quest before Legion.

Also, all 6 invasion locations are up at the same time now and happen every 2 hours. This is the perfect time to level up other characters, because you get a ton of experience from doing invasions.

You get the most if you actually kill bosses during the invasions, which is often more than completing the stages.

wow legion invasions

Unlocking the Quest

You must first complete the Broken shore scenario, as well as the following quest line that takes you to Ulduar and Karazhan.

After those are done, you'll see Khadgar's minion follow you around again with a quest. Accept the quest and head back to Dalaran via your capital city's portal.

The following contains spoilers for the quest:

Meet with Khadgar and he explains how they need the location of the Pillars of Creation. The city will have to be moved sooner than he thought because it is under attack. He tasks you with destroying anomalies around Dalaran with a quest item he gives you.

Go back to him after completing that portion and he will tell you he wants to summon Alodi, the first guardian of Tirisfal Glades. Tell him you are ready and he will summon him, prompting a conversation between Alodi and the group.

You find out that the Pillars are in the Broken Isles, but you don't know the exact locations.

Now Khadgar know where they need to move Dalaran, which is where the Legion expansion takes place.

That's it for the quest. Once complete, you can go back to doing invasions and whatever else you want until Legion launches next week on August 30th.

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Published Aug. 23rd 2016

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