Will there be a Five Nights at Freddy's 4? I hope not

Haven't the first three games told us enough? We don't need another.

I really hate to say that I hope there isn't another entry into Scott Cawthon's unique horror series, but really -- where else could he go with it?

The first Five Nights at Freddy's was great because it came from a developer no one knew, the gameplay itself was unique, and there was just enough of a sprinkling of lore hints around the game. It really came out of left field and I would even go so far to say it was mysterious.

We fast forward to the release of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which was highly anticipated by fans both to see where Scott would take the game and what lore hints it might have held. The game itself was lacking in comparison to the first.

Freddy's 2 lacked the subtle little things that made picking apart the first game great -- and it didn't help that you spent most of your time winding up the music box. It was an interesting experiment on Scott's part, but ultimately the game fell on its face. If I could forget the second game (sans Mangle and the Marionette), I would. 

The lore in Freddy's 1 and 2

Before I go into the third game, I do want to touch on the lore up through the first two. The lore, after all, is what's kept people so interested in the series. It's pretty spooky, sure -- but without all the theorycrafting about the bots, the Freddy's games would have far less play mileage. You know it, I know it, and Scott probably knows it too.

Through the first two games, the community wanted to know who killed the children, which bot did the bite of '87, and what was making the bots try to kill the buildings' security guards.

We got bits and pieces in Freddy's 2, enough for most fans to determine either Foxy or Mangle did the bite of '87; and to come to the conclusion that a security guard had murdered the children.

Now, don't get me wrong: The way hints were handled in the second game was done well. The minigames were a really nice addition. But ultimately more questions arose than answers.

Enter Freddy's 3

If you turned your back on the series after or during the second game, you should definitely turn back around and give Five Nights at Freddy's 3 a shot. Trust me.

You can tell Scott listened to the community feedback over the music box and the lack of time to look at the cameras in the second game, because the third does away with all the unnecessary additions seen in its predecessor. At the same time it has its own unique gameplay aspects that can be infuriating in their own way.

Freddy's 3 is a good game if only for one reason: It wraps up the biggest questions on the fans' minds.

I would argue that the third game is less scary than the second, but has a much better atmosphere than its predecessor. But all of that takes a backseat to the lore. That's what's most important in the third game.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 has several more minigames than the second, with the notable ones being secret. The minigames themselves are not scary, but they do provide important lore hints as they did in the second game -- and completing all of the secret minigames unlocks the good ending.

What you really get in this game is story closure. There's not much left up in the air, sans which bot did the bite and who exactly committed the murders.

I don't want to give too many spoilers (for those who haven't played the game), but Freddy's 3 tells us what happened to the killer and, upon completion of the good ending, what happened to the souls of the children. Go take a look at the fan wiki if you're in the dark on this in particular.

The game tells us what we need to know. I don't feel like knowing any more about the Freddy's universe is going to be doing the fanbase any favors.

Do we really need another Freddy's?

So the question is, where else could the series go from here? We know the gist of what happened, and it revealing all the secrets of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria would demolish discussion among the games' active community. So really, where could it go from this point?

Scott Cawthon has done an amazing job of creating a universe that can get people interested. The fact it was all done in Macromedia Fusion is also very impressive. But honestly, I don't feel there's a need for a fourth game.

We have all the information we need to have fun theorizing with, and finding out every little bit of lore would take the mystery out of the series. I also don't want to see another game made that won't be able to stand up to the others. The three games we have now may vary from a quality standpoint, but they form a cohesive story. A fourth may not be able to do the same considering what we now know about Freddy's lore.

I don't feel a Five Nights at Freddy's 4 could add anything worthwhile to the series. I could very well be wrong, but I don't want to find out otherwise. We know all we need to know.

Except maybe knowing about the Marionette would be nice.

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Published Mar. 16th 2015
  • Soso_9543
    Not really, if Five Nights at Freddy's 4 was a prequel of 3 games, and it spoke mostly of the 1987 bite, it would be really good.
  • Bonzi Bonnie_6010
    Guess what?

    Was it me who realized THIS???

    FNAF4 Teaser by Scott (Nightmare Chica!): http://www.scottgames.com/
    NOTE: Picture changes overtime so I am guessing Spring Foxy is next! :D
  • fred_9195
    it's me!!!!
  • fred_9195
    the marionette is coming 4 u
  • Bunny_5819
    There's something I would absolutely love them to do.... I'm not sure if Scott is making a fourth one and the game itself is a lot more challenging then horrifically scary above anything else. Maybe try showing one of the animatronics dragging you to a suit which they're going to stuff you in. whyyyyy hasnt this been in the 3 other games so far? Its told to the security guard that they'll most likely try to stuff him in a suit but they dont show it :(
  • braden_5891
    I wonder what fnaf four jumpscare is. To be honest the jumpscares get worse and then worse the 1st game you throw your iPad across the room (for those that got it on ipad) the second game you jump third game you hesitate and wait a bit I bet the fourth your just gonna be sitting there like this is not scary at all.
  • Asdg_2952
    I wish there is fnaf4
  • Luke_7634
    I wish there was FNAF 4! I love it! Each Jumpscare doesn't let me scream, but maybe this'll work for me, lol!
  • 35PK35
    Fnaf movie is going to tell the full story
  • Nick allgeyer
    I hope there will be another fnaf because I want the story to go into more detail
  • Floating Fires
    too bad i made a vid comfirming fnaf 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWGp3qTea1Y
  • Mitch54_9687
    Just one more game at Fredbears Family Diner. We could get some insight into the first murder (and by extension, the marionette) as well as possibly motives for the purple man
  • Bonzi Bonnie_6010
    The Marrionette/Puppet isn't a Murderer!
    the Marionette/Puppet helped the children!! (well by stuffing their
    dead bodies into suits and come alive again) <-------

    So yea... I have awnsered lots of Questions!
  • brandon_4422
    i think it has soleved a lot of mystreys this is becuase the fire could of beencaused by springtrap which would explain hi being in the pic in the newspaper if brightened up also the fire could of been caused by ther purple man as the children were murded by the purple man he could of burnt the pizzarea down to get rid of the evidence of the murder and escaped in the springtrap suit to not get detected and if you go on to scotts game it shows a pic of freddy fazbears hat in a spotlight this could mean that this is all remains of the main anamontronic which ends the FNAF series . also i tyhink that if you manged to get the good ending it only shows that this could of happend to the children but it didnt but if he was to make another one this could be on that the remains of the anamotronics still contian the children inside and the person that brought them recrates the anamotronic and this time you are the murderer of the children and the suits are coming after you so the children can set themselves free while getting revenge on the murderer.
  • redhawktx
    The 4 FNaF would be a good edition, springtrap is still out there, we dont know the story behind the marionette and i personally want it to add on to what would happen after the bad ending
  • PieDewpie
    Dont wanna agree. I dont think toy kids are free.there is no toy in the good end pic.
    But i guess puppet is free in the minigame. And the killer still here in the newspaper.
    Its just maybe something...
  • andrew wright
    The 4th game can be inbetween the 1st and 3rd game
  • bacxy_101
  • Mika_6758
    I think that there's not gonna be FNAF 4. In 3rd game you (maybe) had good ending, when their souls finally flew away. You finally made them free. I don't know... What would FNAF 4 be about?
  • Bonzi Bonnie_6010
    just telling you but here is Proof of it coming out

    Btw the date: Halloween! :( sooooo LONG!)
  • joshua_1234
    Personally I think that if Scott Cawthon makes a five nights at Freddy's 4 he should shine more light on like how the fire got started and who caused it
  • Danny_8599
    A Five Night's at Freddy's 4 would be the button and bow on to this series, unless someone has a 5th idea that would make it FNAF5, a cute ribbon of the end of the series.

    Think of a game, where it is a second prequel. A prequel to the 3rd game. Except it being completely different form any of the other games.

    In this game, you are the murderer. The person who murdered those children. And each day you spend at Freddy's, you murder another child. Each night, you can freely move about the Pizzeria with access to buttons, doors, vents, rooms, and Animation suits.

    Objective: "Survive until 6 AM, when the doors are opened and you are allowed to leave."

    Conflict: "When stuck in the Pizzeria, you have Springtrap after you. He moves quickly and follows you through the vents. He learns each night. Your only offense is defense. You can hide in suits, you can hide under tables and you can sprint. If he catches you, you die and it's a nice jumpscare to go along with! Oh, did I mention the Phantom's still exist as you try to survive? Yeah. There's that.

    "Why would the murderer go back Freddy's place every night..?"
    Answer: A sacrificial Ritual each night. That's why the murderer comes back AND why the animatronic suits become "possessed"."

    Write me back if you wish, or send the idea in yourself to Scott! Thank you

  • Bonzi Bonnie_6010
    That could never happen since some of us has finished FNAF3
    and saw who was in Springtrap! yup, Purple Guy ( the Murderer ) He died due
    to springlock and wiring in the suit. If you breath in Springtrap you'll most
    likely die and we all know why wiring kills us inside of Animatronic suits...
    so yea! that could never happen, well yea the "Kill Children every Night"
    can't happen due to the new Animatronics on scottgames.com! (http://www.scottgames.com/) NOTE: Picture changes! :)
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