League Of Legends: NA LCS Goes To Live Patch This Week

The League of Legends NA LCS Super Week will be played on the live patch!

According to a tweet from Scarra, the mid lane from Dignitas, the North American LCS matches are on the current patch starting this week. This was confirmed shortly after by @RiotErika. This is big news, as it not only coincides with the LCS Super Week, it also means changes like Vel'Koz and modifications to the support gold items may affect the matches.

As everyone knows Vel'Koz is a big thing right now. While Vel'Koz's main position is mid, the champion has seen some placements in jungle and more frequently in support. Several players released videos on Vel'Koz in the jungle and support roles. Brofresco's success video is the only one I've actually watched though.

Don't forget though, this means the changes to support items are in effect as well. It's likely we'll se a lot more Spellthief's Edge item lines being built by the more aggressive support players. The extra gold income for those supports could be the deciding factor in team fights.

Will these changes make a difference in LCS Super Week? Tune in on Friday to find out, until then enjoy some League of Legends fun.

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Published Mar. 4th 2014
  • Sleepy Bison
    Featured Contributor
    Haha, Riot's trying to be a little sneaky about it and Scarra just blurts it out on Twitter. Smoooth.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah but I'm glad he did, that leaves more anticipation for this weekend.

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