Nintendo allows individual developers to register to its developer portal

Nintendo has updated its developer portal, allowing individual registrations.

Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company, has updated its Nintendo Developer Portal, allowing not only corporations but also individual developers are to register an account.

It does not cost any money to register, and completely developed games can be published through Nintendo eShop. The developer can decide the price and the release date of the game. Nintendo Developer Portal is a website for game developers who are creating games for Nintendo's platforms such as Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

The tools and middleware that can be used to develop games for Nintendo are Unity for Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS, as well as Nintendo Web Framework, Nintendo Dev Interface, andothers. Nintendo Web Framework can be used to develop games using HTML 5, Javascript, and CSS based on Webkit engine. It will allow games created using HTML 5 tools such as RPG Maker MV to be ported to Nintendo platforms easily.


Published Jul. 11th 2016

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