Skullgirls EVO Registration Now Up

Get hype, Skullgirls and boys. EVO is coming up and it's time to register for SG.

Are you planning on entering into the Skullgirls tournament at EVO? Are you registered for EVO? If not, go here to find out how. If yes, then listen up.

If you want to get in on this side tournament, you are going to need to register at this link. From now until the end of June 7th, it will only be $5 to register. From June 8th until registration closes on July 5th, it will be $10. On-site registration, which will be accepted up until an hour before the tourney begins, will be $15.

The prize pool is $8,000 which will be divvied up among the top eight contestants. Each of the top players will be presented their prize in an envelope featuring Skullgirls artwork done by the art team at Lab Zero.

The first place winner will get her/his share of the money and will be able to place an original NPC into the background of a stage.

The Skullgirls side tournament will be taking place July 12th, 2013. You must first register for EVO before registering for this tournament. No exceptions.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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