Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Closed beta sign up and new trailer!

If you want to play Mirror's Edge: Catalyst early then now's your chance!

A brand new trailer for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst was released on YouTube today, teasing parts of the story and elements of gameplay that were "captured in-engine."

Check it out:

The game certainly looks fantastic and is set to be a significant improvement over the original that came out back in 2008. Gameplay has been refined, with DICE removing the clunky gun fights for example, and the story should be even more engrossing this time around.

Although Catalyst is set for a release date of 24th May 2016, you can potentially play the game far earlier as EA and DICE have just opened registration for the closed beta. It will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

To gain access, head over to the official ME: Catalyst website and sign up. You will need an EA account to do this, but you can create one just before registering for the beta itself. 


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Published Feb. 6th 2016
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