The 7 Funniest Minecraft Mods That You Need to Play Right Now

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Some modders really like to push the envelope when it comes to Minecraft mods. There are hundreds of all kinds of weird and hilarious modifications online, but we are here to present you with the seven funniest of them all.

These mods will let you completely change how your characters look, move and do things in the game. The effects are so unexpected that you can use them to prank your buddies online or just have fun on your own.

More Player Models

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This is a character customization mod that allows you to quickly and easily modify your features. It has so many funny forms and color schematics that you will definitely end up having the weirdest-looking character in Minecraft.

You can tweak every aspect of the body including the size of each part. For example, you can put a tiny horse head on giant spider legs and add wings to it. Sounds pretty nasty, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you can make with the help of More Player Models.

Stalker Creepers

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At first when you think about it there is nothing funny about the creepers stalking you all over the place. However, if you actually start playing the game with this mod, you will realize how hilarious it is.

The creepers genuinely stalk you by following you everywhere, and then when you don’t pay attention anymore they will run at you and explode on the spot.

Animal Bikes

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Walking on foot is not fun, but riding an animal bike is -- especially when each of them has its own peculiar abilities. For example, if you craft and ride an Ender Dragon, it will be able to spit fire on command.

Another cool animal bike is Iron Golem -- a killing machine that can help you deal with mobs in one hit. The golem itself has a huge health pool, so don’t worry if it gets damaged instead of you.

Try this mod out and you will have access to 24 various animal bikes.

The Dalek Mod

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Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Here is the mod that brings the Daleks -- the funniest robots ever -- to your Minecraft game. The creator of the mod added all the possible designs of the famous robots from all the eras starting from the 60s.

There are also three extra Daleks that serve as giant bosses: Dalek Storm, TV21 Emperor Dalek, and Cyber Leader. And that’s not it! The mod also includes the cult phone booths from Dr. Who that allow you to travel to different planets, including Skaro -- the home planet of Daleks.

Meme In A Bottle

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Everybody loves memes! This mod adds a unique feature to Minecraft -- you will be able to find bottles with memes inside them. The bottles are usually scattered on the beach near the sources of water.

You need to pick up the bottle and then throw it to break it. As a result, the soundbite with a famous meme will play itself.

The mod is constantly updated with new memes and you can even offer a meme of your own by writing to the creator of the mod -- mrbysco.

Rocket Squids

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Check out this little mod that adds a new kind of squid to the game. They are red and dangerous, so if you hit them up, they will blow out of the water onto the land like a bunch of rockets.

You can trace their flight path and keep hitting them on the land until they drop a nitro ink -- a new type of material that can be used for crafting stronger types of blocks. As you see, this mod isn’t just funny, it’s also quite useful.


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Do you like to make fun of creepers? Well, this mod gives creepers no hope -- it shrinks them, melts them and sets them on fire. Do anything you want with them, and as much as you want with them.

The Creeperade also has the “Creeper in the Jar” mode that allows you to capture a creeper and put it in a jar. Hilarity ensues!

Which of these seven Minecraft mods you find to be the funniest? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

Published Nov. 17th 2016


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