New game by Ready at Dawn to be announced next week

From the team that brought you The Order: 1886 comes a new game--more details next week!

Developer team Ready at Dawn plans to show a new game next week -- on that will be distributed by Gamestop's freshly created publishing arm, GameTrust. This will be GameTrust's second game published -- following Song of the Deep on July 12th, which was created by Insomniac Games (also responsible for Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and the recent Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.)

Known for their recent PS4 exclusive game The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn appears capable of creating stunningly realistic and beautiful visual environments to maximize the graphics potential of the PlayStation 4.

Previously, Ready at Dawn also worked hard to produce a solid port of Clover Studio's Okami for the Wii, going so far as to recreate lost assets from the original PlayStation 2 game.

What are your predictions for Ready at Dawn's new game? What aspects do you think the team should improve on? Or perhaps they should work on a new genre? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!

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[Images retrieved from Dualshockers]


Published May. 30th 2016

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