Mirror’s Edge Catalyst - Warming up for Tomorrows Release

Mirror's Edge Catalyst releases tomorrow. Are you ready to move back into the City of Glass?

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out tomorrow, June 7, in North America, and is coming June 9 for Europe. It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PCs via Origin.

The game is a prequel, reboot, and redesign of the 2008 game, Mirror's Edge. Unfortunately, this does effectively mean all the events in Mirror's Edge will not happen, but it allowed DICE to create a new Faith -- who is just as badass.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is focusing on momentum, with both the combat and traversal. Taking out the use of guns has forced DICE to improve the hand-to-hand combat, adding in a side step and light/heavy attacks. And that's not all. There are also some traversal gadgets -- primarily the MAG Rope, which allows Faith to grapple onto specific surveillance cameras around the world, and gain access to new areas.

All of the tools and movement abilities available to Faith in Mirror's Edge Catalyst allow the player to play much more how they want. With an upgrade tree, and an open world, you can now express yourself far more. Will you fight hard, or focus on the pure bliss of fluid motion? Let me know in the comments!

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Published May. 13th 2016

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