Super Mario Maker partnering with Game Truck

Nintendo partners with Game Truck to offer unique Super Mario Maker gaming experience.

Nintendo has partnered with Game Truck in order to promote the game Super Mario Maker

Nintendo partnered with Game Truck earlier this year in order to promote the game Splatoon which resulted in 5,000 parties, 1,500 events and over 600,000 guests served worldwide. 

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The obvious popularity and success of Nintendo and Game Truck's initial partnership has lead the pair to continue working with one another.

Beginning on September 18, over 100 trucks will feature the exclusive Wii U game, which hit stores on September 11.

In the game, players will be able to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels. Players will also have the ability to share their recently created levels and to play levels from people all around the world.

Guests of Game Truck will be guided through the level-making process and will have the opportunity to submit their best game levels to Game Truck to have their level shared across the country. Game Truck will also be holding a drawing for the best level once a month for a chance to be featured on Nintendo's website

To share in this gaming experience and to reserve a spot on one of the hundreds of trucks, visit this website. 

Published Sep. 14th 2015

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