Bioshock Infinite DLC: Speculation on Ken Levine's Constants and Variables

What could future BioShock Infinite DLC have in store?

Bring us the DLC, and wipe away the debt!

 When BioShock Infinite first released, it promised 3 new DLC packs, which would provide “hours of additional gameplay and continue the player's journey in the sky-city of Columbia with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons."

Those of us who finished the game have been anxiously awaiting any news for the upcoming Infinite DLC, and finally, Ken Levine has graced us with news from Twitter!

“The downside of starting on DLC after the game is done is there will be a delay on information on said DLC. Thanks for your patience.”

Huh. Well maybe there has been no news from on high just yet. However, a little digging through the LinkedIn profile of 2k Senor Animator, Michael Shanan, describes work on a “new AI companion” for “Infinite DLC 1”.

From here, we can only speculate on what will be included, so if you have not finished the amazing story, I would stop here, since spoilers are sure to abound.




Ascension, Ascension
5,000 Feet
10,000 Feet
15,000 Feet

As you know, the story revolves around the multiverse theory: That different actions during events can lead to multiple timelines. Elizabeth can open “tears” into these different timelines to change the current reality.

We also have our Plasmi - excuse me - “Vigors”, which give us all sorts of neat powers to complement our impressive amount of weaponry. So what can this DLC truly add besides more dangerous weapons?


"What is That Thing?!"


During our time in Columbia, we barely scratched the surface of potential enemies. No offense to the game, but if I wanted to shoot faceless soldiers (first blue, then red!), I would have stuck with Call of Duty. Instead, give us what we wanted: Diversity!

It took Splicers in Rapture less than 5 years to become that deranged. You mean to tell me that there are no Vigor Junkies, or any other kind of Vigor-induced enemies besides ones shown in game? When you do battle with Captain Slate, you can already tell within minutes he is undergoing physical mutations from drinking too many Vigors. It stands to reason that even in a city so beautiful, there must be an underbelly which hides horrors we have not seen yet.

Something that made the original BioShock memorable, were the multitudes of different enemies. Sure, they all looked hideous, but their different tactics encouraged you to change your approach.

I want to see Buckin Bronco enemies who fling Booker if they catch him off guard. Maybe include a way for Booker to shoot them even as he is suspended in the air! I just hope when they do add more Vigors, they will add their respective enemies. And speaking of Vigors….


Slurp…Ahh…Refreshing God-like Powers!

 We went from a mere eleven plasmids in BioShock 1 to… eight? How about a little diversity?

I know many had favorites they used for much of the game, but in the original BioShock, they even had Gene Banks for the sheer amount you could use. I would find myself switching up Plasmids to tackle enemies differently, while in Infinite, I was content to use the same two, with no change in challenge.

I understand that special pieces of clothing have replaced Gene Tonics, but it has allowed you to only play a certain way. While this is fun, it doesn’t make for challenging or deep gameplay. There is no incentive to change up your skyhook damage class for a melee only one.


"No, He Does Not Row": Game play

I know this game went through a lot of change throughout the years since it was announced, but this shouldn’t stop you from tossing everything that was shown in other gameplay trailers. Changing weather to help your shock charge, stealing enemy’s weapons with telekinesis, buildings falling out of the sky?! Tell me I wasn't the only one who felt let down when the game cut some of the greatest moments!

We had only a few sky rails to use in battle, but they were easily the most fun part of the otherwise linear gameplay. If we would could have more set pieces, vistas to blaze through, or even Zeppelins to shoot down, then I would be a happy camper.


"There's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city."

This is a fun idea. The easy option would be to include characters only mentioned in Voxophones, but what if we went deeper? What if we explored the characters that we only caught glimpses of in tears?

We could control Booker as he fought at Wounded Knee, or even control him as he help lead the Vox Rebellion! We could explore Songbird’s origins deeper, or even Comstock as he hunts down Vox Populi and Daisy Fitzroy.

There is a TON of untapped potential for a game so story heavy. I pray to the Founders that 2K does not miss it.


A Circus of Values!

Right now you can buy a season pass for $19.99, which saves you $10 if all three are individually purchased.

Normally, I do not like to jump on the season pass on a game. Often times, a DLC will be included which I don’t want, and I would save more money just buying them. This is one of the few times I would urge players to buy all three. Ken and his team have never disappointed us, and they love their creation as much as we do. They are going to implement tons of great ideas and bring us more of beautiful Columbia.

Oh and hopefully some more anachronistic versions of popular songs!
Published May. 3rd 2013
  • Nova Krash
    Why would you want to play as Booker at Wounded Knee. You do realize that Comstock (and by extension Booker since Wounded Knee occured before the baptism) said he burned down the teepees with aboriginals still inside them to be accepted as part of the crew. Wounded Knee was the worst aboriginal massacre in the history of America. On top of that, the United States awarded those bozos at Wounded Knee with a Medal of Honor. I never knew that killing misunderstood innocent civilians was so rewarding, said no one ever. Check your facts before you say stuff like that, its the equivalent of wanting to play as a german soldier who tortures jewish people.
  • Lui Galletto
    I know exactly what it was. A game with mature themes delves into dark situations. You kill children in the original Bioshock, so a massacre would not be the strangest thing within the game.

    I recommended it, not for the blind gameplay of killing innocents, but rather the emotional investment the player has as Booker. 2k could easily portray it in a respectful way that drives the story, and does not even have to be a main focus of a dlc.
  • Nova Krash
    The face value of playing as Booker at Wounded Knee would be to understand his overwhelming guilt of the stuff he's done. He didn't even regret it, as he went on to become a "Stone Cold Pinkerton". I don't think it would be overly relevant to understanding Booker or the story. I'm sure if 2K had a go at it, they would do so in a decent manner but I feel that there's a lot more value in going a different route (perhaps in another universe wounded knee shall become a DLC).
  • Lui Galletto
    I think that regret changed him into that Pinkerton. it led to his gambling and drinking and his eventual debt.

    I do admit that it might not be the most important thing to focus on though. Eh constants and variables
  • Thomas_7308
    I agree with you, In the original Bioshock everything was explained, We found out where the big daddies came from and why they were made, and how and why the little sisters were partnered with them, and we found out about the plasmids, And they were all an integral part of the plot. In Infinite the vigors are just there without any explanation, just like the song bird and the handymen, I've assumed since day one they'll touch on these things in DLC, I will be very disappointed if they don't. Oh and I'd also like to find out who the guy with the bag on his head and the hole through his skull in the lighthouse in the beginning was, I had a theory that it's a previous booker, but it would be nice if they touch on that.
  • Rob_8323
    Call me unoriginal but.....what about a return to rapture? With the whole alternate realities hook that notion makes for some really cool story possibilities("the prophet fills our lungs with water that we might better appreciate the air"). I don't dislike Columbia, I love it as much as Rapture(though Rapture delivered a much stronger sense of suspense and was a more forboding atmosphere).
  • Stephen_6310
    "There's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city."

    Does this mean that Rapture and Columbia are also parallel?
  • dorkgeniuz
    Great article. I like the idea of exploring Song Birds origin & would also love to explore other alternate realities.Maybe during one of the dlc we can get chased through a bunch of lighthouses that lead to a few other worlds other than Columbia. Even though I know they will be doing all brand new stories, I still kinda wish they would listen to the fans about some of the cut gameplay as it was just amazing. More enemies with powers would also be nice as enemies with just guns made you feel you too powerful, which im sure is why they added all the Robots with guns etc. Just like you, I know there had to be some group of society in columbia that were addicted to the plasmids or ran some kind of underground gang of people who used it for bad etc...Im sure they thought that doing that wouldnt have added to the story at hand but they could've briefly took us through a short cut in a tear that showed the outcome of such things...
  • Lui Galletto
    I think that the game went through so many changes that they had to trash a lot of good ideas, just because they didnt know what to focus on.

    Dont get me wrong, they still put out a great game, its just not everything they wanted.

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