5 Video Game Mothers So Bad They'll Make You Thankful For Your Own

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The Mothers No Child Could Love

Video games have had plenty of notable mothers over the years, from the mothers of the Pokemon series to the Cooking Mama of many talents who can babysit, make crafts, go camping, and enjoy gardening in addition to cook, and everything in between. Ranging from smaller parts to more significant roles, Mothers are everywhere in video games, whether they be good, evil, or indifferent.

But not all video game mothers are created equal, some are sick,  twisted,  and even downright despicable. Mothers aren't villains in video games as often as they are in other media -- such as anime -- but when video game Mothers are bad, they are some of the worst characters around.

Here are five video game mothers so bad you'll be thanking your own this Mother's Day for not being like them.

Published Apr. 28th 2017

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