FUN Creators' Copyright Strike Against TotalBiscuit Goes From Weird to Wacky

The video game industry is not always on-point when it comes to professionalism... but this exchange between indie developer and internet celebrity really takes the cake for showing what you should and shouldn't say in a public forum.

Internet personality and YouTuber TotalBiscuit (also known as The Cynical Brit, TotalHalibut, or John Bain) has not had the most stress-free time of it lately.

He already had a rather trying time earlier this week after being called out on his own subreddit, r/CynicalBrit, for taking a quiet step back from direct community interaction. The internet can be a terrible place, and draining on even the most passionate personality.

Well, the internet can be a bad place, but it is the stage for this new drama that has unfolded between the TotalBiscuit team and FUN Creators, the geniuses behind the universally-panned indie title, Guise of the Werewolf

It began with a single click of a button - that is, a button that make a copyright strike against TotalBiscuit's (weeks-old) video review of Guise of the Werewolf

In the space of one weekend, a maelstrom of emails, tweets, threats, and YouTube videos have been flung back and forth between the two sides - and from all the bystanders looking on in awe (see header video).

It first came to the notice of the general public when this email exchange was posted to TotalBiscuit's Twitter:

What followed was the most bizarre Twitter exchange I have ever seen take place between two respectable businesses - even taking into account the fact that both are involved in the video game industry. FUN Creators proceeded to deny the authenticity of the email... and accused TotalBiscuit of having photoshopped it.

Redditors proceeded to capture the exchanges, namely most of FUN Creators's Tweets which continued to grow increasingly more bizarre. A good thing too because most of the really wacky ones have since been deleted from their Twitter:

This stunning display of professionalism was followed by even greater example of personal maturity:

More exchanges discussing revenge for the indie companies TotalBiscuit has ruined and blackmail ensued which have all since been deleted off of FUN Creators's twitter, but can be found here thanks to the keen-eyed capping of bystanders.

In response to all this nonsense, the TotalBiscuit team tackled the challenge head-on and only acknowledged the most serious issue - the accusation that they in fact photoshopped the email for the express purpose of trolling FUN Creators.

Of course, this story makes very little sense in light of the fact a copyright strike had most definitely been made... and most definitely had been made by FUN Creators, as affirmed by the network VP that TotalBiscuit works for:

Perhaps to bring this entire incident to a close, FUN Creators proceeded to give their "last words" on the subject through email:

And also on Twitter: 

While this situation might strike you as bizarre to the extreme, you can be sure that even with a pretty good sense that you're going to come out on top, it is not a pleasant situation to find yourself in when your business and your livelihood is threatened in this manner. 

Since then, the TotalBiscuit team has declined to continue this rigmarole any further and has left it to their lawyer to continue the correspondence.

This appears to be the last Tweet that FUN Creators have made on the subject so perhaps their moment of fame has come to an end (much in the same vein as Wild Games Studio, the makers of Day One: Garry's Incident which also attempted to make a false copyright claim against one of TotalBiscuit's videos back in October 2013). 

TotalBiscuit's last words on the situation are as follows:

Kudos to TB for handling this like a pro. I would say having a law degree under your belt certainly helps in this situation... but let's be honest. You wouldn't even need one to deal with the silliness we've seen this weekend, would you?

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Published Feb. 17th 2014
  • Tom_7031
    The modern game community is so sad. I hope when my first game comes out Biscuit gives it a bad review, at least then i'll know that neither he nor his lemming hordes will be playing.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    So intensely bizarre.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    My only reaction. WOW...
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    My exact words lol.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Commenter PressFart2Continue even shows up on GameSkinny. Well done.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I feel like I'm missing something here Jay. Enlighten me?
  • GameSkinny Staff
    It's a spoof account made from a joke about the YouTube channel PressHeart2Continue. Now it's gotten out of control and PressFart is rampantly seen getting top comments on tons of Twitter conversations and YouTube videos - becoming some sort of internet comment celebrity monster.
  • CrossKnights
    I don't understand how the person running this company could possibly be over the age of 13 with the way they are acting. Through that isn't fair, 13 year olds don't remember life without the internet and would understand that you can't just claim you didn't send a email when you clearly did or hide a conversation with a popular interest personality by deleting public messages like tweeks..These guys make the person behind One Day Garry's Incident look amazingly good in comparison. I know TB doesn't want to deal with it but I really hope they sue. This could be a case that sets a much needed precedent,
  • Cosmic Engine
    Featured Contributor
    It really was one of the most bizarre things I have seen recently. The unprofessional-ism of FUN creators is truly astounding. I honestly thought for a time that they had been hacked, the fact it was legit is even weirder, who in their right minds acts like that? it has ruined what little reputation the company now has.
  • Zietlogik
    I read up on this as well, but never saw all the emails and tweets, only a few....these people do not know how to run a business, and if they did, they do a great job giving it the exposure to run it straight into the ground.

    Good thing they are self-investors, i'm sure they don't have many clients lined up to work with after this.

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