Zero Time Dilemma Fans Must Seek A Way Out of Amazon’s Horrid Pre-Order Fiasco

Aksys and Amazon struggle to keep up with fulfilling orders caused by damaged shipment for the newly released title, Zero Time Dilemma.

Anyone who pre-ordered Zero Time Dilemma from Amazon might be facing a dilemma of their own. Though the third, and final, installment of the Zero Escape series was to be released today, Amazon only fulfilled a few of its orders on time.

According to Aksys Games' Twitter, Amazon did not receive Zero Time Dilemma’s entire shipment at once, but rather has been receiving the stock in increments. It’s rumored that Amazon is sending out orders based on the customer’s order date, in a queue-like fashion, though no official statement was released stating that explicitly. Even for the standard edition, on either Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita, the wait time on Amazon is currently 2 to 4 weeks for new orders.

In what may be the best contender for the worst game launch of 2016, Zero Time Dilemma has faced many challenges in its short life-span. ZTD’s pre-order watch bonus was delayed due to damaged shipments, and for those lucky few who did manage to get their hands on the game found that ZTD is not currently PlayStation TV compatible.

All of this, plus the game's short hiatus in 2014 for budgeting concerns and the past poor commercial success in Japan, has Zero Time Dilemma off to a pretty rough start. 

Aksys Games Senior Sales/Marketing manager, @Aksys_Danny, said on Twitter that the damaged pre-order bonus forced Aksys to send out any extra copies they had to try to cover the damaged shipment, and is the reason why low inventory and delays are now a problem at Amazon. 

While fans will receive the watch sometime in the near future, Aksys promised a small consolation bonus to be included as a way to apologize for the delayed shipment of the pre-order watch bonus. Aksys now promises that they and Amazon “are working together to make this right.”

Those who ordered Zero Time Dilemma last year when it was first announced are inherently disappointed – including myself. Luckily, ZTD is receiving excellent marks, and the fan-base, though a small niche community, is highly anticipating this final installment.

Now the question is, is it worth it to go digital and skip the pre-order watch bonus + extra bonus, or to ride out this elusive, delayed waitlist? Let me know how you're 'seeking a way out' of this situation! 


Published Jun. 29th 2016

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