Arizona or Bust! American Truck Simulator Adds New Free DLC

SCS Software releases their second free DLC for American Truck Simulator into public beta.

American Truck Simulator was not met with standing ovations or glowing reviews upon its release in February 2016. Nevertheless, developer SCS Software has continued the development and release of free DLC in the form of the various US states through which one might drive their big ol' 18 wheeler. 

ATS released with "California", and SCS released the "Nevada" DLC on launch day as well. Their latest DLC has players picking up and delivering cargo across the great state of Arizona.

The "Arizona" DLC marks the last of SCS's planned free DLC content, however they will continue to develop and add more states as paid DLC in the future. The "Arizona" release is currently in public beta. Players can choose to opt into the beta on Steam to check out the new content which should be released to the main game soon.

In addition to the beautiful Grand Canyon State, SCS has also reworked the trailer hitch, coupling functionality to a physically simulated model. While not immediately apparent to most gamers, trucking aficionados will definitely appreciate the new and challenging mechanics. All of this will be included in the 1.3 patch along with many other changes which can be found in greater detail in SCS's latest patch notes.

Published May. 27th 2016

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