Riot Games to Open League of Legends Online Merch Store

Riot to open League of Legends online store in the coming months

After a year of assembling a merchandise team, Riot has finally announced that a League of Legends beta online merchandise store will open this week.

A separate global store outside of North America will open up, too. Riot will release the available countries to ship to and expand the list as time goes on.

At launch, the store will feature T-shirts, hoodies, collectibles, posters, plush stuffed animals, and accessories. Over time, more product categories will open up but for now, the store will be limited to the above. Summoners can also purchase the coveted World's Track Jacket which was previously only available at sponsored events.

For those of you wanting to order a gift for the upcoming holidays, don't count on it. Since the online store is in beta, they won't have much inventory. League of Legends has 27 million players a day - think of the amount of people who will add that Worlds jacket to their cart the second the store goes live. I have a feeling it will be worse than scoring a 3-Day PAX East 2015 pass... But, let's hope not.


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Published Jun. 18th 2020
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    nice free skin in league of legends

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