Steam Adding 12 New Currencies

As Steam is expanding their game market to around the world, they're going to add more currencies to their growing list to accommodate these locations and the gamers that inhabit them.

Currencies Currently Available

The currencies that Steam supports now include: US dollar, Brazilian Reais, British Pound, Euros and Russian Rubles. These currencies are very common, but the list will expand during the year of 2014.

Currencies to Come

Upon the list of currencies added during 2014: Australian dollar,

  • Canadian dollar
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Malaysian ringgit
  • Mexican Peso
  • Philippines Peso
  • Singaporean dollar
  • South Korean Won
  • Thai baht
  • Ukrainian Hryvna
Issues with the Currencies

Although these currencies are beneficial to those who will be purchasing the games, publishers might fix the payment amount more widely due to regional costs. Exchange rates will become a problem of the past, giving more strict guidelines for the purchase of games through Valve and Steam. Price-jacking won't be such a large problem and games will become more affordable for the users.

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Published Jan. 15th 2014

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