Shovel Knight Plushies On Sale Now!

Shovel Knight plushies are cute and adorable! Definitely worth a buy for yourself or as a gift!

Have you wanted to purchase a Shovel Knight plushy, but can't find a good pricing for it? WeLoveFine wants to help you out. They're currently selling Shovel Knight plushies right now. There are 4 characters out now: Shield Knight, Troupple Fish, Plague Knight, and Shovel Knight.

Here are the feature, payment, and delivery details you'll need to know before ordering.

Shield Knight can be purchased in her red default color, and there is no larger or smaller size for her as of now. She even has 2 magnet points on her arms so that she can keep her shield at hand for any emergency. If you pre-order right now for $28.00, then expect to get this companion on July 7, 2016.

Troupple Fish comes in the color red, and cannot come in any other size than the default. He can even play songs such as Troupple Dance short version and Troupple Dance Sound 1. Order this plushy for $28.00 and expect delivery in 3-7 days.

Plague Knight comes in green, and no other size is available. This plushy has 4 magnet points, one for each hand, one on the belt, and one on the back. Pre-order this mischievous knight for $28.00 and expect delivery on July 7, 2016.

Shovel Knight can be purchased in his blue default color and no other size is available. He comes with 3 magnet points, one for each hand and one on the back to hold his shovel. Currently, this plushy is Sold Out, but keep an eye out, as there could be more in stock in the near future.


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Published Mar. 16th 2016
  • Eric Levy
    that troupple fish will be mine!
  • Unique_Unit
    Good luck getting him out of the waters!

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