Green Hell Developers Release Game Dev. Roadmap

The developers behind Green Hell have released a roadmap outlining requested features -- and when we can expect co-op mode.

If you've been enjoying Green Hell during its Early Access release, you'll be glad to know there's more on the way.

Creepy Jar, the developers behind the project, have announced a Green Hell roadmap, giving players a small peak at what to expect from the game in the next few months.

One of the big things Creepy Jar plans to bring to its community is a widely-requested feature: co-operative mode.

Though the mode is listed near the end of the development process, it's certainly happening -- and fans of the game can look forward to jumping in with a friend sooner rather than later.

Here's a larger break down on the roadmap:

Autumn 2018

Green Hell Animals Update

  • New animals
  • New building types
  • New plants
  • New challenge scenario: Hunter

Green Hell Water Update

  • New map area
  • New water animals
  • Swimming and diving
  • Fishing
  • Fish Traps
  • New water plants
  • New challenge scenario: Angler

Winter 2018/2019

Green Hell Combat Update

  • New human enemy
  • Armor system
  • Human traps
  • AI behaviors
  • AI damage system
  • New challenge scenario

Green Hell Mud Building Update

  • Mud constructions
  • Forging
  • New items and crafts
  • New challenge scenario

Green Hell Story Mode Update

  • Full story mode
  • New map areas
  • New human enemy
  • New challenge scenario

Spring 2019

Green Hell Co-Op Mode Update

  • Green Hell’s most requested feature, cooperative mode!

If you haven't checked out Green Hell yet, you can still grab it now in early access. You can read our Early Access impressions here

You can buy Green Hell on Steam for $19.99. It's unclear if by the end of this roadmap the developers will feel comfortable enough to fully launch the game, or if they will still have updates to push out.

Stayed tuned to Gameskinny as we learn more about the updates in Green Hell's future.

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Published Sep. 19th 2018

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