Muramasa Rebirth Trailer Proves Beauty Can Get Better

The high attention to detail Vanillaware put in Muramasa is something to be admired, and the HD version is only going to get better.

The original Muramasa release on the Wii proved to be beautiful in its own right. The high attention to detail Vanillaware puts in the visuals in their games is something to be admired -- and the Rebirth on the Vita is going to bring that beauty to HD.

Aksys will be localizing Muramasa Rebirth and its DLC later this year. The trailer above is only a fraction of how good the game will look in action. Go away, YouTube video compression. You're ruining the view.

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Published Feb. 14th 2013
  • GS_Mike
    Wow, I think I just found my next Vita game. This looks great.

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