Fortnite Cosplay: The Must-Have Guns & Weapons

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Fortnite Scar Cosplay Replica Digital Blueprints

Price: $10 USD
Sold by: Etsy seller NotEazy

Slightly different from the others, which all revolve around using PLA and 3D printing, this digital download is intended for use in other mediums.

One downside to 3D-printed plastics is the sheer weight -- this particular design will allow you to extend the prop-making to other materials, like EVA foam (which is much lighter and much less expensive, although certainly a great deal more labor-intensive as well). 

This shop doesn't have a lot to offer, but this is a digital download only, and you'll get it right away once payment is verified, so it's worth a try!

Published May. 5th 2018

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