Fortnite Cosplay: The Must-Have Guns & Weapons

Fortnite Tactical Shotgun 1:1 Cosplay Prop Weapon

Price: $297 USD + shipping
Sold by: Etsy seller BlackForgeCosplay

The tactical shotgun is a personal favorite in the world of mobile Fortnite, mostly because it is so forgiving at close range, even if you turn like a tank. (Thumbs just don't quite cut it the same way mouse and keyboard do.)

You won't find any moving parts on this bad boy, but you probably won't even miss 'em. 3D printed and about 80 cm long, no one is going to ignore you with this fabulously hand-painted gun prop, no matter how lackluster the rest of your getup may be. 

This prop is based on the gun design by Jonathan Mason at Chronos Creations and is made to order. It'll take 6-8 weeks before it's even ready to ship (from Portugal)!

Published May. 5th 2018

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