Fortnite Cosplay: The Must-Have Guns & Weapons

Suppressed Fortnite Pistol STL File

Price: $12
Sold by: Etsy seller KGPropWorks

If you're lucky enough to have your own 3D printer, you can skip a step and buy the digital download for this pistol design instead! You'll have to sand it down and paint it yourself, but it means a heck of a price drop from buying the finished item entirely.

No moving parts, and the whole thing measures approximately 403mm long by 74mm. You'll also receive the download file pretty much instantly.

Now, if you don't have a 3D printer and still want this pistol design to bring to the table, you can also pick up the printed version of the suppressed pistol ($21 USD + shipping). It'll still need some paint work, but far less equipment to get it serviceable.

Published May. 5th 2018

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