Moon Hunters is Now Available for PS4

After 2 years on KickStarter, the PC game, Moon Hunters, has been ported to PS4 and is now available

Back in 2014, PlayStation announced that Moon Hunters would be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2015. After a year on Kickstarter, the game was able to develop more classes, more mountains and river biomes, and a cooking system. With these new changes in place, the game is now out for PS4.

Moon Hunters is a 1-4 player, mythology-building action RPG originally released for PC. Set in ancient Mesopotamia, you play as one of the heroes trying to find out what happened to the Moon and why it went missing. Your decisions are important in this game, as it changes the world around you, your reputation, and how you will be remembered in legend when you’re gone.

After receiving $178,986, Kitfox Games, the studio behind the game, added a cooking system. This system is fairly straight forward: you mix 2 ingredients and depending on the result, everyone in your party gets a bonus. Some ingredients are acquired from certain regions and by killing monsters, shopping, and so on.     

Those who live in North America can get the game via PS4 key. It is currently unknown when the game will release on PS Vita, as Kitfox Games wants to focus on releasing the PS4 version for other regions before moving on to the portable version.

[Source Image: Moon Hunters]


Published Jul. 19th 2016

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