Five songs to get People into Gaming

Looking for game music that doesn't sound like game music? Here is 5 tracks that will help convince your friends and family to play more games.

Ever wanted to convert a non-believer into a video game playing badass? You might be amiss to thinking you simply get them to play a game, but instead, one of the best ways is actually getting this non-believer to listen to a games soundtrack. With that purpose in mind, here are 5 songs you can use to get your friends or family into playing video games.

5. Remember Me


The cool thing about Remember Me is that the music is orchestral but also breaks up into a more digital mix. There is a good reason for that though! When a player first starts the game, you don't have all of your memories intact. As you progress through the game and unlock your memories, the music becomes clearer.

Recommended for: For people who like Aphex Twin's music. Or glitch / trap music.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Another orchestral soundtrack that doesn't sound like it belongs in a game, which makes it all the more perfect to lure people into playing games. Imagine something along the lines of, "Hey that's a cool song, where can I hear more of it?" Plus it is a great game to boot.

Recommended for: People who enjoy music while they eat. Or soft vocals.

3. Final Fantasy X


Moving away from orchestral and synthetic music, Final Fantasy X has a great music score throughout the entire game. This would probably lean towards appealing to your piano loving friends. If you are familiar with the series, then you can also use other songs from Final Fantasy VII.

Recommended for: Piano lovers.

2. Dragon Age Origins

I love vocals in my music, and Inon Zur is an amazing composer. A friend of mine used the music from this game to bring me into it, which I do not regret. It has started me down a path; from playing the game, to my now ex complaining about how I have a crush on a fictional character (Morgana).

Recommended for: People who enjoy cuddling.

1. Guild Wars 2


While the other games belong to single player games, here is something to bring your friends into MMO's. The vocalist for the song empowers it from the orchestral accompaniment. Most people won't believe that you are listening to game music with this one.

Recommended for: Morning alarm ringtones.

Bonus - League of Legends


If you want other ideas for music, you should check out League of Legends. It isn't every day that they hire artists to create the music for their characters, and you do not need to be a fan of the game to enjoy the music either.

Recommended for: Punks.


While it is not guaranteed to make everyone instantly fall in love with games, music is a powerful way to involve your friends and family into things that they usually wouldn't be interested in -- especially if you find the right tune. You know someone who enjoys Enya? Dragon Age music would be a perfect fit for them. An Avril Lavigne fan might enjoy the League of Legends song "Get Jinxed" (the bonus track just above). And for people who enjoy a wonderful piano composition, they might find their fancy in Final Fantasy music. Just keep an open mind and use your imagination.

Published Jun. 7th 2016

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