BlazBlue: Central Fiction trailer teases long-awaited fighter

A blip in BlazBlue: Central Fiction's announcement trailer may be foreshadowing Nine's debut as a playable fighter.

There will be spoilers. You have been warned.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction was recently announced as the series' fourth and final chapter – at least with Ragna The Bloodedge as its lead. Fans have been gearing up for the big finale and, though it is unsure what will become of the series after Central Fiction, there has been more excitement than sadness in the forums.

Here's why:

Nine, genius magician and member of the Six Heroes

Nine's overall impact in the BlazBlue world has made her a fan-favorite NPC. Once thought to be dead, she was proven to be alive and operating under the name "Phantom" for the last two installments of the series.

Though Arc System Works has made no definitive statements on the nature of her inclusion in the upcoming title, her having an animated battle sprite has sprung high hopes for her playability. Her cocky attitude and magical expertise is described as peerless throughout the series; it's exciting to think that we may finally get to see her in action.

 Sporting pitch back scleras to match her *reluctantly* evil agenda

Though Nine's supposed playability is already great news in itself, it has also given fans hope that Jubei, the last of the Six Heroes, may also be playable. BlazBlue creator Toshimichi Mori has himself stated that Jubei's small size works against the possibility of his inclusion – his hurtboxes would prove too difficult for any other character to properly fight against.

Though this works from a logical perspective, Mori had also once stated that Celica Mercury could not be playable, due to having no offensive magics in her repertoire. Celica was however made playable in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, so logic may not be the biggest hinderance here.


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Published Jul. 24th 2015

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