When pigs fly: Trails in the Sky SC localization coming next week

Long-awaited second chapter in the Trails in the Sky series to get its overdue localization next week.

XSEED Games, well-known game publisher and, more importantly today, localizer of Japanese games, made a cryptic tweet the other day:

For JRPG enthusiasts, it seems that pigs really must be flying, because today, XSEED announced that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is finally getting the long-awaited localization of its second chapter, titled Trails in the Sky SC

The best part?

It's coming out next week.

It won't just be on Steam, but, according to XSEED, the game will also be available on GOG.com and, for North Americans, on PSP and PS Vita. A European release will follow.

The fact that a company would so gleefully drop the announcement of an anticipated game on the masses a week before release is a heartening thing in the gaming industry; where releases are often milked for months on end before coming out.

Hats off to you, XSEED. I don't think many people saw this coming.

Watch the trailer. Get excited. 

One week to go.


Published Oct. 24th 2015

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