Killzone: Shadow Fall Clan System Coming

A clan system is coming and Guerrilla Games wants " roll out clan features in multiple phases."

Killzone: Shadow Fall, a science-fiction fps that released back in November has received great reviews, with some even calling it the best PlayStation 4 launch title.

Today (Jan 21), Guerilla Games announced that players can expect to have a clan system starting in the slated patch 1.09, which will release in early February. The system will release in phases beginning with patch 1.09 says the community editor at Guerilla, Victor Zuylen in the announcement posted to Sony's website earlier today.

"The first phase will arrive with patch 1.09, which is currently slated for an early February release. This phase introduces clan system features to both the game and the website. The patch will add support for displaying clan tags alongside player names in the game, while the website will receive basic clan management functionality – including the ability to create clans, add/remove members, and promote members to clan officers."

Zuylen goes on to say that the later phases' features will expand based on user feedback. 

"In subsequent phases, we will expand on these features through free game patches and site updates, based in part on your feedback. We will also enhance Killzone Shadow Fall’s competitive multiplayer experience through the release of new content, such as free maps and the soon-to-be-announced first DLC expansion pack."

The clan system, welcomed by many of the game's fans, expects to add a much-needed touch of competitiveness to the shooter. Are you looking forward to the new clan system?

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Published Jan. 21st 2014

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