Dead by Daylight Beta Launched: How Will You Survive?

This article is not an escape from me. Get ready to run from a killer in Dead by Daylight's beta, now available from now to June 12.

Now is the part where you scream, and run away. Dead by Daylight has launched its open beta, and it's running until June 12.

Dead by Daylight is an upcoming horror multiplayer game by Behaviour Digital Inc. where a group of 4 players attempts to survive the pursuit of a savage killer (controlled by a fifth player) as he hunts them down. The Survivors' main goal is the escape the Killing Ground before they are brutally massacred by the killer.

Sound easy? Well, is escaping Jason Voorhees easy? The environment is procedurally generated, and the killer has control of it. He can hear you messing about in that corner of the map. Can you outwit him in order to get away, and live another day?

But it's not JUST a Jason Voorhees type killer in the game, is it? No, there are several different sorts of killers in this game, from the Slasher to paranormal entities. You'll have to learn and adapt quickly using a variety of perks just to survive.

Good luck out there, survivors. Don't panic, or he'll find you!

Published Jun. 1st 2016

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