Live Planet's Virtual Reality Camera Has 16 Lenses

The Live Planet camera makes live streaming virtual reality content possible with 16 lenses and cloud storage.

The new Live Planet virtual reality camera is now available for pre-order. Live Planet boasts that setting up the camera, registering on Live Planet’s cloud platform, and beginning to stream live virtual reality content for viewers takes only 15 minutes.

The camera has 16 HD lenses so you can shoot immersive VR and 360° video. The Live Planet cloud makes it easy to upload and store files after filming. Additionally, the cloud provides “apps and code libraries for all major VR and 360°platforms” to make broadcasting content possible.

About 500 GB of storage is available within the Live Planet camera, and it has HD-SDI as well as HDMI outputs. It works through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 500 cameras are currently available for the special pre-order price of $4,995. That might still sound like a hefty number, but the original cost outside of pre-ordering is doubled at $9,995.

You can pre-order the Live Planet VR camera on Live Planet’s website.



Published Jul. 25th 2016

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