UPDATE: Telltale Teases The Walking Dead Season 2

Meet Vince, the newest addition to Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2.
Telltale has just released a teaser for a new character in season two of the award winning episodic series, The Walking Dead.

Posted on their official Twitter page via the Vine App all that can be seen is a picture of a character being posted by the name of Vince as well as the text "Day 2." Nothing else is known about the character thus far.

Also spotted in the beginning is a character slightly resembling a character from season one, Christa. There is also an unknown character sporting a 'TTG' shirt.

Telltales' The Walking Dead has won many Game of the Year Awards from dozens of sites. It has been praised for its emotional story that has left many players speechless, including myself. Despite its technical hiccups, I've always found myself taken away from the game's engrossing story and bleak world. The Walking Dead has crafted a world that captures the idea of surviving this zombie apocalypse just like the comics. Needless to say, the stakes are very high coming into season two.

Without spoiling season one, the series can really go in any direction at this point and it will be interesting to see how it will use your save from the previous game to continue this fantastic story. Let's hope Telltale can strike gold again with its second season.

Additionally, The Walking Dead writer, Gary Whitta, said that more of The Walking Dead is in in the works before season two. It may be a prologue episode or just ports to Vita or other platforms. Telltale has said they're aiming for a Fall 2013 release and with E3 just days away, we will certainly see more very soon. Possibly on the second day?



It seems like Telltale just loves to tease its fans. Today they have posted another Vine showing a new character, Bonnie. This time the text reads "Day 220"



Published Jun. 4th 2013

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