Common Traits, Trends and Tropes In Video Games

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Missing And Most Likely Dead Or Soon to be Dead Wife 

Allow me to spoil multiple games for you right now and say one thing . Your wife is probably dead and you are more than likely the cause of it. I’m sorry for breaking that news to you but it’s true. If your wife is missing at the beginning of the game and your character has no memory of what happened to her, she’s probably dead. Same thing goes with children.  While this isn’t always the case, sometimes your main character actually does find her and it ends happily, it’s somewhat unlikely.  This appears to be a pattern in Horror or Action games that have your Wife be missing at the beginning of the game but by the time you find her it’s too late. She could be brainwashed and crazy or she could be fused with your arm in a stupid plot twist.

Bionic Commando (2009) What is wrong with you?!

Published Jul. 19th 2014

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