Pokémon GO Will Feature Real Time Battles

Nintendo's Pokémon GO will make their battles real-time to enhance the augmented reality experience.

 A few days ago, Nintendo announced that Pokémon GO, their ambitious new release in the franchise for smart phones, will feature real-time battles. This completely turns around the traditional turn-based strategy method that is a staple of the franchise.

In the beta, which is being tested in Japan currently, field testers reported that combat seems more like an all-out fight where "they attack you and you attack back in real time." The testers also claimed that this method of combat is more dependent on which Pokémon you lead with first. This means that in order for a player to be successful in this kind of combat system for the game, it would be in their best interest to lead with their strongest Pokémon first, and not necessarily based upon the "type against type" dynamic that Pokémon is known for.

What does this mean for Pokémon?

While it's doubtful that this will change Pokémon as a whole, it is possible that this could open up some avenues for Nintendo to look into in order to add something new to their major launch titles for the franchise. Maybe gym battles in future games will be real-time, increasing the intensity and the stakes when a player challenges a gym leader and their trainees. Or, to make catching them more meaningful, battling rare or legendary Pokémon could be made real-time, thus making the battle well worth the effort (of course, you could always use a Master Ball to bypass the work involved if you are trying to catch them.)

Regardless of what happens, if Pokémon GO is a success in implementing this system, look to see Nintendo using more of it in future Pokémon games. This system can definitely change the way we experience Pokémon. It won't change Pokémon at its core. But, it will be an added layer to this beloved franchise. Will it work or not remains to be seen.


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Published Apr. 22nd 2016

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