F-Zero's Future is Looking Bleak

The future of the F-Zero series takes a critical "FALCOOOOON PAWNCH!"

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto recently informed IGN that there are currently no plans for developing a new title for the F-Zero franchise because the company has not been able to come up with fresh new ideas for the racing series. Miyamoto mentioned, despite the similar connections between the anti-gravity ability featured in the new Wii U title Mario Kart 8 and F-Zero's futuristic machines, a revival of the high-speed racing franchise is not currently in the works.

When IGN asked about the future of F-Zero, Miyamoto replied:

"I certainly understand that people want a new F-Zero game," Miyamoto said. "I think where I struggle is that I don’t really have a good idea for what’s new that we could bring to F-Zero that would really turn it into a great game again. Certainly I can see how people looking at Mario Kart 8 could see, through the anti-gravity, a connection to F-Zero. But I don’t know, at this point, what direction we could go in with a new F-Zero."

Miyamoto explained that keeping up with fan requests can be difficult:

"We come to the show and we bring a lot of great franchises and everyone says, 'Oh, well, where’s this game that I want to play? Where’s something new?' I only have so much capacity."

Another reason the F-Zero series has not been touched is simple: Nintendo does not have the staff to work on it. But, Miyamoto assured that Nintendo is currently expanding their internal staff to allow for multiple projects to be worked on at the same time, giving the company the ability to create new IP while also focusing on developing fresh new titles from its popular franchises that fans wish to see.

With this in mind, fans of the F-Zero series can still remain hopeful for Captain Falcon's return in the near future! 

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Published Jun. 24th 2013

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