Fallout Shelter receives update

Bethesda has released an update for Fallout Shelter their popular mobile game.

Fans of the Fallout Shelter mobile game rejoice. Bethesda has released Update 1.2 for the mobile hit. The update adds new in-game content and storage options. Bethesda also posted a video detailing the update's content to their YouTube account. This comes four months after the games initial release. 

For the Overseer operating on many devices, Update 1.2 adds cloud storage. This means you can now manage your vault no matter which of your devices you access the game from. 

Are you looking for a new challenge in vault management? The new survivor mode should test your vault management skills. This more removes the option to revive fallen dwellers. Once a dweller collapses, they're gone off to the vault in the sky! Resources will generate slower, and opponents are stronger.

Overseers should watch out for the mysterious stranger. This dastardly unknown will appear around your vault. If you catch him, he'll have a cap prize for you.

Those playing on Apple devices will receive the new legendary dweller Piper. Piper will also appear in Fallout 4 as a key character. Five free lunch boxes with various in-game content were also credited to accounts.

Fallout 4 will release November 10th this year, so pre-order now!


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Published Oct. 17th 2015

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