New PS4 Trailer: 4 The Players Since 1995

A new PS4 commercial tugs on heart strings of loyal Sony customers about their years of gaming with Sony consoles.

The new trailer for the PS4 claims to be inspired by Playstation memories and it certainly delivers. Anyone who has actually owned Sony systems for long periods of time will have a lot of nostalgic emotions about this commercial.

The promo features a room in a London family's house throughout the last eighteen years of Playstation consoles. As the camera pans around the music, the skyline, the clothes, the posters, the hairstyles, the furniture, and especially the games transform from retro to modern. 

This trailer is for people who are lucky enough to have grown up with consoles and friends in their house. It's electrifying if you remember playing racing games and shooters on your old Playstation.

The main game featured in the commercial is Killzone, but many series that have appeared throughout the Sony story were shown. If you don't have those nice memories, then the next chapter means nothing, but many contemporary adults did have a PS2 in their basement a few years ago. 

Ken Kutaragi is the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, and the person who should get a lot of the credit for all the beautiful memories this commercial celebrates. In 2011, Kutaragi partially retired, but he still works on the Playstation and consults to make the best gaming technology possible. 

There are just 25 days until the next generation of Playstations continues Sony's excellent lineage. People can start getting excited now to play with their PS4s now. The release date is fast approaching and this commercial serves to remind loyal consumers why they love the Playstation so much.


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Published Oct. 21st 2013

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