Backwards compatibility for Deus Ex: Human Revolution; "we're working to make it happen"

Square Enix hints at Deus Ex: Human Revolution backwards compatibility on the Xbox One; "we're working to make it happen".

Come time in November of 2015, Microsoft plans to implement backwards compatibility with specific games through their new feature added to the Xbox One console. 

The way Microsoft has been choosing these backwards compatibility mode editions is through a poll where the communiy can vote on their choices; and Deus Ex: Human Revolution could be a prime candidate. Microsoft has made it clear that there is no promise for games voted through if they can't make the magic happen, but they are at least paying attention to their customers and their wants.Working towards a large goal

A very promising tweet from Deus Ex's official account is leading to the assumption that Square Enix is working towards making Deus Ex: Human Revolution playable on the Xbox One through the backwards compatibility feature. 

Though Square Enix has their work cut out for them between approval from Microsoft, making it on the backwards compatibility list, and of course converting it to play on the Xbox One; they have a large fanbase behind their games that will help make it a reality. After all, Microsoft does need to cater to the fans when it comes to the backwards compatibility.Would you play Deus Ex: Human Revolution if it came to the Xbox One? Could it be a promising edition to Xbox One's upcoming backwards compatibility feature? Give us your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 2nd 2015

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