New Splatoon Amiibo Announced, To Be Released in June

Squid sister amiibo will be available July 8th, along with more Splatoon amiibo.

Nintendo announced two new amiibo today, which are based off the J-pop duo from their popular third-person-shooter/competitive painting game, Splatoon. 

These ultra-detailed amiibo of the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, will be available for purchase on July 8th, according to the official Nintendo Twitter account, and may be purchased together for $24.99 or individually for $12.99 each. Using them in game will unlock clips of their funky-fresh dance moves, all set to both existing Squid Sisters songs and some brand new, never-before-heard ones.

Nintendo also announced two new, re-colored variants of the existing Boy Inkling and Girl Inkling, to be released at the same time. They will also be available for $12.99 each, or bundled together with an Orange Squid amiibo for $34.99. This set will give amiibo collectors and Splatoon fans another opportunity to get some in-game bonuses and gear, especially as some of the amiibo in question (cough...Green Squid...cough) are notoriously difficult to find.


Published Apr. 30th 2016
  • RegalSin
    Wow more idolization, random diety false god worshipping. I mean they could have made cards but instead decided to make these rubber things
  • Kayla Ethan
    cant wait

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