Play Chess Online with Chess 2: The Sequel

Play chess online with Ludeme Games Chess 2: The Sequel. A computer chess game with unusual rules and winning conditions.

Ludeme Games Chess 2: The Sequel is a new online chess game from well-known designer David Sirlin, with a few twists on the old chess game you love to play. This online chess game includes a number of armies to select from, new rules of play and different ways to win. If you want to play chess online? Give Chess 2: The Sequel a try for free.

This online chess game is only available for the OUYA console and the developers are keeping the offline mode of Chess 2 free, while the online mode will rank and match players for a price. You can take a look at the video game and play chess online here. They allow gamers to try the game for free, along with all the titles on the site, before they decide to buy. A good idea, which will pay dividends down the road for the company.

Chess 2: The Sequel is beautiful and fun to play, with rules and winning conditions you’ll find a little unusual at first. The different ways you play this online chess game make it exciting and the mind will be doing loops. The changes to the classic chess board game you love make this chess game an adventure you can take the kids on when you have a few spare moments.

You can also view a trailer on Chess 2: The Sequel here. Ludeme Games newest video game is a very popular with old and new chess players looking to play chess online. Check it out and start playing new forms of chess. You’ll find it challenging and fun to compete against other chess players. You could be the next online chess champion.


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Published Jan. 28th 2014

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