The one ring to win them all: ring controller prototype revealed

Titanium Falcon is producing a prototype for a ring controller using hand motions and two-action buttons.

A new prototype for a ring controller has entered the tech world, and it goes by the name of Talon. The ring is currently in production through the company Titanium Falcon, and is truly the one ring to win them all. 

The Talon prototype is completely wireless, using Bluetooth technology as a means of connecting with computers, consoles, mobile phones, and virtual reality devices. That way, It's compatible with all devices imaginable. Using two action buttons and a "9-axis motion control sensor" the ring is mostly operated by moving your hand around, which resembles Nintendo's Wii-motes.

Titanium Falcon is using a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in an attempt to raise $300,000 later this month, where the estimated retail cost for the Talon is set to be around $100. 

CEO of Titanium Falcon, Huijuan Guo, says that their product will change how gaming is done and also how people will use their mobile devices. From using applications to daily activities, Guo implies the Talon is a product that will become very popular.

"We believe our touch-less and motion controlled smart ring will change the way users play games forever,"

"Talon will enable gamers to play games instantly at any place and time, free hand, while on the go. Users can play mobile games or control applications even when they are doing other things such as running, cooking, taking the bus and so on."

It'll be interesting to see what impacy the Talon may have on gaming in the future. If it became available for purchase, do you think it would amplify your gaming? Let me know in the comments!

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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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