Doge Meets Flappy Bird in 'Flappy Doge' (Such Hack, Very Mod)

Flappy Bird has received a makeover featuring your favorite shiba inu.

What happens when mobile gaming’s most addicting app meets everyone’s favorite shiba inu meme?

Flappy Doge!

Inspired by an idea for another meme-based Flappy Bird hack, /r/jailbreak redditor /u/cheeyoon replaced the game's signature bird with a tiny 8-bit Doge

Much score. Very pipes. Wow.

The mod is complete with doge medals and a "Much Over" screen, making the usually infuriating game a little less hard to hate. Don't be fooled though - the game is just as difficult at the original. 

To manually install the Flappy Doge hack on jailbroken iOS devices:

1) Download the Flappy Doge image file to your phone

2) Rename the file “atlas.png”

3) Using iFile,  save the new image to your device. Delete the old image, located in /var/mobile/Applications/"Flappy Bird"/, and replace it with the new one.  (You can also just rename the original file "atlas_old.png" , incase you want to switch back.)

4) Double check that your new "atlas.png" file is a proper .png file. Make sure it didn’t save as “atlas.png.png" or "atlas.jpg". You can do this by clicking the (i).

5) Close iFile and open Flappy Doge! 


Flappy Doge is also available for Android in APK format.

Be sure to check out my Flappy Bird Survival Guide for cheats and tips on how to improve your high score! Such useful. Very help. 

Published Feb. 6th 2014

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