Devolver Digital is Bringing Loop Hero to Nintendo Switch

Loop Hero is coming to Switch later in 2021, with all its grueling challenge and quirky charm.

Devolver Digital's Loop Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch. The publisher announced the Loop Hero Switch port during Nintendo's August Indie World presentation (which came alongside the Axiom Verge 2 shadow drop from Thomas Happand said it will launch sometime this holiday season.

Loop Hero is about... well, a hero trapped in a loop. But it's a multi-layered, endless one, and the actual loops you create to help the hero reach their goal.

You'll use random sets of tiles to help move the hero along their path and, hopefully, give them some handy power-ups along the way.

They'll need all the help they can get. Loop Hero is a challenging game that's not too keen on forgiving mistakes.

It's also a unique one, a game we called clever and beautiful, with hidden depths that effortlessly blends difficult battles with intriguing background about the world before disaster changed it forever.

We've also got plenty of Loop Hero guides to help you on your way once you get started.


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Published Aug. 11th 2021

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