Princess Maker Refine Is Out on Steam Paving The Way for Further Releases

CFK Co. is pushing forward with their plans to release the classic Princess Maker series in the West.

It seems publisher CFK Co. was serious about bringing more Princess Maker games to the English Steam market after testing the waters with Princess Maker 2 Refine last year. For the first time ever, the very first game in the series has gotten an English iteration and release.

Princess Maker 2 Refine'srelease was exciting for fans -- not because the game saw an English release (most played the English vaporware DOS version) but because it brought with it a glimmer or hope that the other games in the classic Gainax series would finally be translated for the first time. Maker 2 is only one of five games, and it is only the tip of the Princess Maker iceberg.

It seems it sold well enough as its Korean publisher CFK Co. has pushed the Refine of the first Princess Maker out on Steam, complete with achievements and the very first full English translation.

If you've played the heck out of Princess Maker 2, you'll find the first game to be a slight step down in just about every aspect -- but with similar core gameplay.

Being a DOS game from 1991 with some very slight upgrades, the game's UI is hard to get a grasp of and overall, it moves slower than other games in the series. The translation isn't great, either. That said, much like the second game's Refine, Princess Maker Refine has newer and smoother art, as well as voice acting.

This release may not be as big as its immediate successor, but it further paves the way for future releases of later games in the series. With luck (and sales) we will hopefully see a translation of the ever-elusive third game, the massively popular fourth, and the total in-depth timesink that is the fifth Princess Maker.

I wouldn't recommend that those non-familiar with the series start with this new Steam iteration of Princess Maker Refine. Rather, start with the second game and see if it suits you. Heck, read my dive into the Princess Maker 2's release history if you're not sure what it is. If you like the second game, buy the first one for a further fix -- then wait for CFK Co. to bring the third out, and hopefully the fourth and fifth. Princess Maker can only get better from here.

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Published Feb. 19th 2017

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