An Open-World Star Wars Game from EA? Yes, Please!

Yes... this is the open-world sandbox Star Wars game you've been looking for. Hopefully!

It looks like EA Canada is working on an open-world Star Wars game.

This assumption comes from a job posting for an animation director the company made last month. A secondary confirmation comes by way of a studio recruiter who Tweeted in September that they were also looking for a Lead Combat Designer for... you guessed it, a Star Wars game.

DICE is working on a new Battlefront game (hellz yes!), and EA Redwood Shores (aka Visceral Games) is working on an unknown game that's in early production stages.

Electronic Arts is operating under a newly inked 10-year licensing deal with Disney to make Star Wars games. Is this the same one Visceral is working on... or is it an altogether new project? 

Kotaku is asking the same question because there was an almost identical "executive producer" posting at Redwood Shores ... the only difference being the studio location. Which makes me think this is a different game.

Personally, I hope it's a new one because as far as I'm concerned you can't have too many Star Wars games. If it sucks, my life will not be changed. But if it's great... The source material allows for endless possibilities, and we've had games in virtually every genre known to man, but an open-world game (which is not an MMO) would be something new. 

Can you imagine a game like Just Cause 2, Skyrim, or Far Cry 3... but set in that galaxy far, far away!?!

Yup, I just squealed like a  school girl!

Published Nov. 27th 2013

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