Pokemon Go Player Arrested on Indonesian Military Base

Romain Pierre accidentally walked onto the military base while playing Pokemon GO.

On Monday, an aspiring Pokemon master named Romain Pierre was arrested for trespassing on the military base in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. He was caught at a checkpoint after initially running away when the security guards told him to stop. Pierre, who is 27 years old, was released a few hours later when it became apparent that he was playing Pokemon Go.

"He unintentionally entered the complex while he was hunting for Pokemon while jogging," said police spokesman Col Yusri Yunus. He wasn't paying attention to the guards because he was trying to catch a Pokemon at the time.

This has brought up military concerns surrounding the game. What if someone started using the game as a front for criminal activity? Military spokesperson Mokhamad Desy Ariyanto said

"It's possible there could be many strangers trying to enter private property to commit crimes, then pretending to be hunting Pokemon." 

The real concern is how Romain Pierre was able to get onto the military base so easily. The man broke in and wasn't even paying attention. It's clear he was lucky that he wasn't injured and that he hasn't had charges pressed against him.

Everyone should be wary of their surroundings when playing Pokemon Go. It's not necessary to sneak into Area 51 to try and catch a Mewtwo.


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Source theguardian.com
Published Jul. 20th 2016

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