Amazing Ninja Guide to Ninja-ing: Tips and Tricks

The creators of Amazing Thief bring us this new game with swords and everything! Some tips and tricks to getting farther in this endless side-scrolling app.

Amazing Ninja is the latest in a line of mobile apps developed by Ketchapp. After releasing Amazing Thief just a short while ago, with some success I might add, they have come up with the ninja version designed to help you slice or save red and blue ninjas in your path. 

This endless platformer tests your dexterity, your quick thinking, and your endurance. Here are some tips to help you become the best ninja you can be.

It's all about timing!

Just because you have a sword this time around doesn't mean jumping is any easier. Your ninja needs time before the jump and time to land. Always look ahead to where you want to land before you consider pressing jump. Play through the first couple of rounds without worrying about a high score and you'll get the hang of how long it takes to jump and how far your character actually goes, which is a critical part of missing the gaps between platforms and preventing you from starting all the way from the beginning. 

Looking ahead isn't just for jumping

When you look ahead, watching for those gaps and blue ninjas to jump over, also watch for the next couple of ninjas in your path. Focusing solely on the ninja in front of you does not give you a lot of time to think about whether it's red or blue and to pull out your sword or jump over. The best thing is to treat this like a chess game always think 3 or 4 moves ahead!

Landing halts your sword action.

When you first land on a platform you won't be able to use your sword so it's important to keep an eye on how much space you'll have to run before meeting your next red ninja. 

Don't go jump or sword crazy!

When you're jumping you get up to two jumps at a time before you must land. So when you're in the air and need to cover a big gap wait that extra split-second before preforming your double jump ability. The same thing applies to the sword, "button-smashing," or in this case screen-smashing, will not help you in defeating the red ninjas. Instead keep your sword down until you're a couple of steps away and you will kill them every time. 

This app is fun no matter who is playing and is a great game to challenge your friends at and see who gets farthest. Amazing Ninja is in the App Store for free on iOS devices. 

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Published Dec. 10th 2014

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