Gravity Rush 2 trailer brings a western release date into orbit

Gravity Rush 2 has a new trailer, and finally a western release date!

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 (known as Gravity Daze 2 in Japan) finally has a release date for western gamers, revealed via its "NEW HEIGHTS" trailer.

For those unaware, Gravity Rush 2 is a direct sequel to the original Gravity Rush. It continues the story of Kat, a girl with no memories who meets with a mysterious star-studded feline named Dusty. The cat gives her the ability to manipulate --you guessed it-- gravity.


Struggling to uncover her hazy past, she now works as a "shifter", a gravity-defying heroine of Hekseville, alongside her friend Raven:

Together, Raven (left) and Kat (right) protect the civilians from bizarre monsters that plague the city known as the Nevi. 

In terms of gameplay, a shifter manipulates gravity's position to steer herself in any direction. For example, Kat can turn gravity sideways, causing a building's "wall" to become the "ground".

For more visuals on the Lunar/Jupiter styles, click here for the 2015 Paris Games Week trailer demonstrating the new mechanics!

Moreover, as a new gameplay mechanic in Gravity Rush 2, Kat can also manipulate 2 additional styles of gravity, known as "Lunar" and "Jupiter".

The Lunar form of gravity makes Kat lighter and able to maneuver more easily in the air with fast strokes. In contrast, the Jupiter form of gravity makes Kat heavier, allowing her to slam down with a slow, powerful impact.

These two new styles expand on the original gravity-manipulated gameplay, allowing players to have more variation and choice with tackling objectives.

As shown in the "NEW HEIGHTS" trailer, Gravity Rush 2 releases for the west on December 2, 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. For more details on Gravity Rush 2, check out its gameplay reveal for more information on Kat's new abilities, here on GameSkinny!


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Published Jul. 21st 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Am currently playing the PS4 port of the 1st and really dig it.

    The extra powers sound absolutely awesome! Will make the combat much more varied, and awesome.

    But also... Raven and Kat become friends... DAMN IT! Spoilers! haha...

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