PayPal Confirms Dates for Steam Summer Sale

The dates for the Steam Summer Sale have been confirmed.

PayPal has officially confirmed on Twitter that the start of the Steam Summer Sale is June 23, 2016. They also have confirmed it via email.

Originally, an unknown user on Reddit who posted the dates in Russian was the one that leaked the news. This caused many people to wonder if the dates were real or not. We can officially confirm that those dates are correct, thanks to PayPal. (After all, PayPal is one of Steam’s accepted forms of payment.) And this isn't the first time they've spilled the beans -- PayPal has also leaked the news for Steam’s autumn and winter sales in the past.


The end date of the sale hasn’t been released yet, but usually the summer sale lasts for at least a week. We also don’t know if Steam has any plans to release a new alternative reality game, like they did for the Winter sale. Hopefully there will be more surprises this year. There also hasn’t been any word about the amount of discounts during the sale or what games are going to get the price cuts. Stay tuned for more info as it comes out!


Published Jun. 17th 2016
  • Stan Rezaee
    Featured Contributor
    Got same message too, I would be excited but there is nothing on Steam that interests me at the moment.

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