No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again First Trailer Revealed

The first trailer for the 3rd installment in the No More Heroes series titled Travis Strikes Again has been revealed by Nintendo.

During the Nintendo Switch Summer 2017 Nindies Showcase earlier today, after discussing a number of indie titles coming to the console in the near future, the presentation was closed out with the first trailer for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again by Grasshopper Manufacture. The game will be the third installment in the No More Heroes series, as well as mark the 10th anniversary of the franchise, and be directed once again by acclaimed auteur game designer Suda51.

No gameplay was shown off in the trailer, although we did get a chance to see series protagonist Travis Touchdown getting back into the assassin business upon the arrival of an old target's father, and see what is presumably the inciting incident for the story. The showcase briefly described the setup for the story of the game, explaining how both Travis and his assailant, "The Bat", have been sucked into a phantom game console called the Death-drive Mark 2.

In typical No More Heroes fashion, Travis must then fight his way through all 6 of the consoles games and defeat their respective bosses to escape. Whether or not these games will have any sort of connection to the "number of collaborations with prominent indie developers" described during the showcase has yet to be seen.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again will be released some time in 2018 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.



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Published Aug. 30th 2017

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