The Minutes of Square Enix "Interactive Reveal" on Twitch - Day 1

Twitch viewers direct what happens in this 3-day interactive announcement for... something!

Hi there, readers!  I'll be live-blurbing Square-Enix's live reveal of something called "Project CKP," CKP standing for "CantKillProgress."  The events or details below are in the order I saw/noticed them.

Day 1

  • Now the screen's gone black...
  • Internet farted out on me for a second, awesome.
  • View's from "Room 27, Cam 4."
  • There's a number and a meter in the lower-left corner.  The number's holding at about 62/63.  Bag-head's heartrate?
  • Correction, Bag-head isn't tied down.  They're sitting on what looks like a medical patient's chair.
  • Countdown on top to "Next Vote."  Next one in 5 minutes.
  • One of the walls is a screen.  It shows a large pixelated face, then prisoner retreats to a corner of the room and curls up on the floor.
  • Screen went black; back to computery stuff. "Deleting Access Log," "Rerouting Through Proxy Servers."
  • Top-left says there are 8 cameras in this room.
  • Camera fuzzed out, switched to Camera 1, a head-on view.
  • Same thing, switched to Camera 3.
  • Back to Camera 1, less than 10 seconds to next "vote!"
  • Everything gone fuzzy!  Not my internet this time!
  • Bag-head's moving!  Crying for help!
  • Dudes in bulky body armor just walked in, pulled off Bag-head's mask.
  • Feed just changed to computery things.
  • Now that short scene (Bag-head becoming conscious, getting shocked, body armor dudes coming in) playing again.
  • Hammy European (Russian?) voice over the intercom.  Bag-head has similar accent.  Intercom's asking Bag-head what kind of music he likes.  Twitch voted for Classical.
  • Wait no, they revoted for Folk.
  • Bag-head lying facedown on the floor because of something I missed.
  • Next vote in five minutes!
  • ...Never mind, that's five hours.
  • Bag-head's waking up!
  • He tries to touch the wall, it shocks him.  He tests how long he can stand having his hand on the wall, getting shocked.
  • Now prisoner's yelling about how "this is against the law."
  • Another body-armored guy charges into the cell, yelling at the prisoner to "get back from the screen."  He knees prisoner in the solar plexus and takes his jacket, saying, "Maybe you can earn this back."
  • After another half-hour or so of lying unconscious, our prisoner's up and about again, walking the perimeter of his cell.
  • He bends down and looks into one of the cameras, asking what he did wrong.
  • One of the walls is a screen.  It shows a large pixelated face for a moment.  Prisoner looks at it, then curls up in a corner of the cell.
  • The captors wake Prisoner up several minutes later with loud folk music.
  • Prisoner's begging for food.
  • Prisoner's not in his cell every time I check back.
  • Next vote up tomorrow at noon (Central Time), so I'll be checking back every so often.
  • More guards march Prisoner back into the cell.
  • Now Twitch can change camera view!
  • Prisoner covered up one of the cameras.
  • Day 1 done, son!  Here's Day 2.

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Published Apr. 7th 2015

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